joi, 4 iunie 2009

here I go...

...again on my own, going down the only road i've ever known.

So this is it, it's gonna happen. Somehow I'll manage to keep my head up and do this. I'll be ok, me and my butterflies, we'll all be fine, together. The germans are nice, particulary one of them but it would be just waste of time. Because he's gonna leave. Just like all boys are. We'll remain just with the romanians. Not a big deal, we've got used to them. Same shit. But I'm excited, anxious and nervous.
I am so tired like I haven't sleep for weeks. I'll be missing you! Hope I'll make many beautiful photos to show you when I come back from this trip. Some of my butterflies will stay here, with you, some others will come with me. But I'll call you all and tell you all I'm doing over there. It's the way I'm gonna make my life more exciting than it is. I really needed this!

Take care and talk you later!

I'll try to walk on the sunny side of the street. And I'll bring you a piece of the sun!

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